Vit.En. attività sperimentale

Test Center

Vit.En. since 1974 it has been carrying out experimentation activities dedicated exclusively to viticulture and oenology, working with the main manufacturers of plant protection products, fertilizers and products for the vine.

Thanks to the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture for efficacy tests, nr. 1165 of 23/02/1999, the Testing Center is authorized to carry out the experimental activity according to the principles contained in the Legislative Decree March 17, 1995 n. 194 (and subsequent amendments) on the implementation of Dir. 91/414 / EEC on the placing on the market of plant protection products.

This authorization also certifies the quality and guarantee of the results obtained, as reported in the Interministerial Decree of 27 November 1996 n. 37529.

The experimental efficacy tests are carried out according to the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP), as required by the European Organization for the Protection of Plants (EPPO) in the "Guidelines for the Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products", vol.1 (March 1999), 2 (March 1997), 3 (December 1997), 4 (July 1998) and subsequent updates.

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