Vit.En. attività sperimentale

Experimental fields

For most of the trials Vit.En operates on 3 ha of experimental vineyard in Calosso (AT) and Castiglione Tinella (CN), used especially for fungicide tests. They presented some particular characteristic such as the wide vine-to-vine planting distance (80 cm) the large spacing between the rows (3-4 m), in order not only to facilitate the passage of the mechanical means, but also to avoid possible drift phenomena that could invalidate the results of the experimentation. These vines are bred following the classic or the altered espalier (A) form with a reduced leaf wall to favor the application of products and the execution of assessments (B, C). The cultivated grape varieties are Moscato bianco, Chardonnay, Pinot nero, Pinot gris and Dolcetto, in order to obtain results meaningful for Piemontese reality and at the same time useful and interesting on national and international level.

Vit.En. is also provided with multivarietals vineyard where over 12 Italian and international cultivars are enclosed in the same plot, useful above all to test the selectivity of active ingredients (D).
Trials on fertilizers or insecticide are instead carried out mainly in productive vineyards, searching year by year for the areas where the problem of interest is most present, thanks also to the help of trusted technicians and viticulturists with whom there is a long-term collaboration (E).


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