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Vit.En. attività sperimentale


Vit.En. Nebulizer

Foliar applications are performed with a prototype ideated from the Vit.En’s technicians and made from the firm Dragone. This equipment, designed for experimental purposes, it is able to distribute 14 different formulations simultaneously. It is composed by 14 tanks in inox (8 Liters each) (A) in which, after a premixing phase, is put the specific product dissolved in water.

The main tanks, put under air pressure during the work phase, are connected to as many solenoid valves (B) that regulate the products' distribution. The closing or opening of these valves requires a few fractions of a second, making possible to treat two consecutive plots with two different products without stopping the progress of the machine, thus ensuring a very uniform product distribution.

The ground-based experimenter controls these solenoid valves with an app, installed on a smartphone or a tablet,   which is connected via Bluetooth to the prototype. (C)

Each tank has an independent circuit that connects it to a series of nozzles suitable for the distribution of the mixture on the vegetation (D; E), avoiding the possibility of contact between different products. A series of electrically powered fans cause a vortex of air which favors the penetration of the drops into the vegetation.

A semi-automatic washing system cleans the entire circuit at the end of each individual application. Once speed, operating pressure and nozzle size are set (F), this equipment allows an absolutely precise and uniform distribution at all times of the application, as well as reducing working times and the possibility of error compared to manual applications.

Backpack atomizer and backpack sprayer.

For vineyards where it is not possible to use the Vit.En Nebulizer. products' application is carried out manually with a Turbine Super pneumatic backpack atomizer. It combines a goog penetration capacity within the vegetation with a limited amount of water per hectare required (G).

As for the backpack sprayer, on the other hand, the liquid is pressurized by a pump inside the tank which conveys the product to the outlet nozzles. This kind of nozzle is also used for the application of herbicides (H), using in this case an anti-drift mirror nozzle,

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